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Welcome to Cloverleaf Christian Centre's new volunteer microsite. Here you will find all the details necessary to help you decide what department you would be interested in volunteering with. You will also learn more about what being a Cloverleaf Ministry Worker involves.

The Vision

Discipling into Leadership

Our vision is to grow a community of Leaders who make a meaningful impact in every aspect of life, whether in education, parenting, career or any other sphere. The Core of our leadership culture focuses on these three goals:
1. Identify Who you are
2. Understand Who you are and where you fit in God's ultimate plan
3. Apply Who you are to the Maximum

Music, Worship, Drama & More

Moriah arts

Moriah arts is an interdenominational collective of artists who are committed to worshipping God through the expression of our talents. Its more than just Praise and Worship, its about connecting our community to God through art.
Our Initiatives include:
Moriah Worship - Our Premier Worship groupMoriah Dance - A Collective of dancers from all GenresMoriah Poets - for Spoken WordMoriah Movies - producing Short Films, Drama, Animation and moreMoriah Fashion for Photography, Modelling, and more

connecting & caring for our community

The Care team

The Cloverleaf Care Team are tasked with nurturing our community, ensuring that every community member is visible, cared for and feels valued.Our engagements include:
Member & Visitor Services
Life Counselling + Support Service
Life Mentoring (Relationship, Parenting, Career, Entrepreneurship, & Finance) Service

God's Little Champions


Cloverleaf King's Kids is our Childrens Ministry. We've created an immersive fun learning experience for Children aged 0 to 10 years where they learn about God and much more.

raising tomorrow's leaders


NEXGEN is our teen church and ministry. It's a space for young people between 11 and 16 to come together and learn more about God's plan for their lives, equipping them to become positive influencers in their community.

The Living Word Explained

Rhema Word Alive

The Word Alive team is dedicated to producing all the material used for teaching the word, whether its for Sunday school meetings, Mid-week fellowships or special events. Members of this team will typically be involved in facilitating regular training sessions, participating in podcasts or producing our weekly newsletters

Purpose by Design

The Planning Team

From planning events to taking care of keynote speakers. The team works behind the scenes to project manage and produce all our events and activities.

Reaching & Touching the World

Cloverleaf Outreach

At Cloverleaf Christian Centre we believe in feeding our mind, body and spirit. We are a Vibrant Church that believes in the Love of Jesus Christ and wants to share that Love with the world.
Our Outreach team is responsible for coordinating all our community-focused programs, including, the justice and equity program, food banks and other community feeding initiatives, Health Initiatives, our orphans and widows programs in Africa as well as a robust portfolio of international programs.

your next step

Are you ready to join in?

Cloverleaf Christian Centre is an ever-expanding ministry.Our focus remains on bringing people to Christ, raising leaders in our respective communities and exposing the world to the Love of Jesus. We welcome anyone and everyone willing to contribute their gifts and talents, regardless of how much time you are willing to give or where you are located.If you are interested in volunteering, complete the form below and a member of the respective team will be in touch.

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